Why write this blog

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It is a way of giving my other self, my unconscious and perhaps artistic self, a way of expressing itself, and thereby helping me working things out. It is somewhat cathartic in a positive way. :)

26 March, 2011

Who do you talk to

Who do you talk to when you've got no one?

When you have no friends?
Or when those friends are very far away?

Do you write on an empty sheet of paper in front of you?
Do you type on your computer?

Do you talk to yourself in the mirror?

Who? Who do you talk to when all your semi-friends are nothing but acquaintances that rather spend their time with someone else?
Who do you talk to when no one enjoys your company?

Do you drain your sorrows in a glass of whisky or other such alcoholic drink?
Do you go for a walk in the night and howl at the moon at the unfairness of the world?

Do you communicate to the unisphere at large in the vain hope that someone will get it?

Who, indeed, do you talk to...

When people only appear to enjoy your company, because they're your colleagues, employees, bosses, etc?
When you can't talk to strangers?

Do you sit, and write, or type or blog...?

Do you talk to everyone in the world and no one?

Do you take the world and your faith and your life in your hands?

What do you with it then? That you have not done so far? Because if you knew how to do it you had already done it?

Who do you talk to? When you have no real friends?

Do you stare at a computer monitor and punch keys on your keyboard.........

11 March, 2011


Been to three shops today, all of them had massive queues! I dislike queuing in shops. I don't really know why but I expect to be served pretty swiftly. Especially in smallish shops. On weekdays daytime. Bitter!
If I go to a large supermarket I expect it to be very busy so that's ok, I suppose it all boils down to one's own individual expectations. If I go to the post office I know it'll be busy so I'm prepared to wait, but they have several people attending so there's little the poor chaps can do. Same with surgeries, you expect that consultations may over run, and that's comforting because you'd want the doctor to take as much as possible with you when it's your turn.
I also dislike waiting for the bus, any bus. I think this is because you never know how long you have got to wait. I have no problems with trains for example, or coaches, bar five minus or plus minutes they are generally on time.
Random waiting I think is the issue. Some places you walk into you have no idea how long it might take, this could be because of generally awkward customers or inefficient and incompetent staff, or both combined which is a powerful mixture for the greatest pain in the ass waiting time.

04 March, 2011

The One I Want

I want to have an intelligent conversation with you
I want you to have an open mind
I want you to want to try new things, be it music, movies, food, ideas or experiences
Ideally we would have some common taste in music
I want to take you to Portugal and go out in Lisbon, show in the views from the miradouros, go to a casa de fados, go to Merendeira to eat caldo verde or sit down to eat pastel de natas em Belém
I want you to appreciate jazz
I want you to be strong and intelligent and independent
I want you to be able to argue cogently with me
Sit down watching a soppy girly film sometimes
Let me watch football without too much hassling
Enjoy going out doing stuff together: going away to visit a quaint village, enjoy some crazy architecture somewhere, go camping in Scotland, climbing in Peru and the one night clubbing in town
Where art thou?

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01 March, 2011

Am I a warrior of light?

Because I do ask myself questions. And I am looking for a reason and direction.

I do indeed suffer over trivial things. I have mean thoughts and do wonder sometimes I have grown up. I make mistakes, I'm cowardly at times.

I spend many sleepless nights and sometimes I am not sure what I'm doing here.

But I do ask myself questions. So, maybe I am a warrior of light. Maybe my "counterpart", the other PC is right.

Do I have a certain gleam in my eyes?

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