Why write this blog

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It is a way of giving my other self, my unconscious and perhaps artistic self, a way of expressing itself, and thereby helping me working things out. It is somewhat cathartic in a positive way. :)

22 August, 2010

Beau, beautiful, schön, hermosa, belissima,..!

"You were the one, the one I most wanted 
To give me comfort and company 
It was only with you that I dreamed of walking 
Everywhere and who knows elsewhere? 
Perhaps marry

Oh what I went through, just for loving you 
The saliva that I spent trying to change you
 But your world was stronger than me 
And not even with the power of music, it moved

Even though I knew you didn't liked 
I sold my ruby ring
To take you to the concert 
In the Rivoli

Only you were the one I most wanted
Beside me in the concert that day 
Together in the darkness, holding hands listening to 
That song always crazy louder and louder

But you didn't you stay even half an hour 
You didn't make an effort to like it and you went away
From you I learnt a great lesson 
You don't love someone who doesn't hear the same song It was on that day that I realized 
Nothing else could be done for us
My passion for you was a fire 
Without wood to burn"

RV - 1990

PS -
Oh what a simple picture, a photograph, can do...
Bringing on memories, memories and feelings, and times gone by...
More, bringing on what could have been...
A different live, other choices, unknown outcomes...
And yes, love can survive a long time: 10, 11, 12 years or more.
Or is love just an illusion? Is it just passion? Or lust? A simple fancy of the mind?
Whatever, whatever it is, was or may be...
I wish I could be, On that picture, With you
A simple picture, a photograph, stirs emotions still...

12 August, 2010

What if tomorrow was the last day of your life? Part II

Would you...

Buy a ticket to a dream place like the Bahamas?

Go to a big hotel and living it large and max your credit card?

Tell your boss to get lost?

Sleep with as many people as possible?

What would you do?


When you think about it?

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11 August, 2010

What if tomorrow was the last day of your life? Part I

What if...
Tomorrow you were to experience the world for the very last time?
Tomorrow was the last time you could feel and taste and see and touch?
Tomorrow you were to experience life for the last time?
Tomorrow was the last time you could feel the blood in your veins, your heart beating in your chest, a slight breeze in your hair, the touch of a lover...?

What if...
Tomorrow you learned you had a specific terminal rare kind of cancer?
Tomorrow a terrible international event provoked World War 3 and nuclear weapons could strike you at any time?
Tomorrow scientists announced that they had missed a massive comet due to hit the Earth and wipe out where you live?
Tomorrow the world would end?

What if tomorrow was the last day of your life?

What would you do?
How would you feel?
Where would you go?

If tomorrow, your life was no more...

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