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18 March, 2010

Algarve Day 3 - Carvoeiro

It's cold today, or colder. There's a cold wind out there. It's easy to forget out here with temperatures of 18•C that it is still Winter time for another 6 days!
It was a little bit windy yesterday but not so much to prevent me spending some hours on the beach. Today it's just that little bit too cold.
And so I decided to stop short of the Vale de Centianes Beach and spend the day at Carvoeiro, the closest village. It's beautiful out here, there's a lovely little plaza and a small little beach just off it, just in between two sharp edged cliffs.
I've decided to get some food (sardinhas assadas = grilled sardines) in this restaurant overlooking the beach, sea and village, restaurant of Tia Ilda.
The sun is warm on my back, I can hear the sound of the water crashing against the nearby rocks, seagulls float in the gentle waves ruffled by the chill wind. From up here I can see the change in the waters color, the transition from the shallow light sandy grey to the deeper dark blue.
Ah, holidays, Portugal, Algarve...!

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