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17 March, 2010

Wedding Day

After an incredibly cold night in which I couldn't move afraid I would hit a cold patch despite the seven blankets on top of me I got up at 8am.
Freezing my ass off I quickly hit dresses and rushed outside on search of a little bit of sunshine to warm up, really, it's not until it's that cold that you quite apprecciate a bit of sunshine. The sun shining on your face, the smell of pine trees, the quietness of the country, is all just so peaceful.
The wedding ceremony itself at the church was ok, quick and fuss, no big speeches or lectures from the priest, just a few well placed words and advice.
The setting for the wedding reception was very nice, not very big but then we weren't that many. They've done well the place, a little bit of garden, a few well placed ornaments, a little roman style small pool, a couple of statues and a small little portico of Greek columns. Very simple but really nice. The view from up here however was fantastic.
Food wise everything was delicious, it was a portuguese wedding after all!!
The wedding cake was pretty good also and the day dwindled away by about 8pm.
I convinced my cousin to go out later to a bar somewhere in Viseu. She agreed, and the idea was to go somewhere where we cam smoke our fat cigars, somehow her other cousins, aunts and uncles decided to come as well, which is just lain wrong! Anyone over the age of 40 with kids should not be allowed out!! Although, I may think differently in a handful of years...!

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