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It is a way of giving my other self, my unconscious and perhaps artistic self, a way of expressing itself, and thereby helping me working things out. It is somewhat cathartic in a positive way. :)

03 July, 2010

Duality II

So, yeah...
Interesting times I live in, as Pratchett would put it...
Funny night today, and couple of days. I'm sure that makes no sense!
Basically it's been funny, in a kind of bad way because I sent a message yesterday which as gone thus far unreplied to, so it leaves me to wonder whether the interest has waned and I'm gonna be left in the dark, or could it just be that I am once again overthinking it?! Well I'll soon find out, perhaps to my doom...!
On the other hand I've had a couple of frustrating yet productive and busy days at work that I've quite enjoyed, because I'm crazy, clearly, enjoying work!
And also because my friend came to visit, or shall I correct that, my Friend came to visit. He brought his girlfriend/fiancee and we had a grand time. At least I did, he's a very lucky man, his missus is an absolute pleasure to talk to and very friendly indeed! At one stage it looked like he was bored but me and her were still chatting away!!
How odd, he's one of these people that by life circumstances I lost touch with for a while, but it's as if we were never apart more than a couple of days and after meeting his future wife we got along so well I felt I've known her forever as well, he certainly picked a fabulous girl, I'm quite happy for him.
I'm also really pleased he's come down to visit because I truly regard him as one of my true friends and it was so nice to meet his partner.
I kinda have this secret desire that if things go right with A we could all get along pretty well, that is, if A replies to my message and things move forward... I had such high hopes!!
Note to self: Stop overthinking things Cabral, stop it now!!!

So yeah... It was a pretty cool night, happy days!

If only I'd get that reply...

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