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11 May, 2010

Right handside

I sleep on the right handside of the bed. I sleep on a double bed, but I don't sleep in the middle of it. I didn't mean to, I've just realised that I do. Is it because it's closer to the bedside lamp so I it's easier to turn it off and read my books?

I have two pillows in my double bed. I only use one. Well, sometimes I use both if I'm watching a film in my room but I only sleep on one.

The one on the right handside of the bed.

My room is my inner sanctum, it's where I can listen to music quite loud, where I play my computer games, browse the Internet, chat to my friends around the world, sleep. It is a testament to a batchelor, posters on the wall etc. It's a desperately lonely place.

Though most places feel lonely these days. England especially is making me feel quite alone these days. A lack of real friends does not help with that, people I know here and are friendly with can be quite good company, others however not so much. Although I seem to be quite good at sabotaging current relationships anyway due to my propensity to alienate people with my stupid pride and big mouth.

I have real friends, I know real friendship, I know I can be one, I'm lucky in this I know, others are not so fortunate as I. But I left them all behind, many many miles away. It was my decision, it was my choice, I stand by it, it's just hard at times when I have no one like that here, at least in Leicester, not necessarily the whole of England.

But the truth of the matter is that regardless if where I am or whom I am with or nearby, it'd make no difference. People have got their own lives, they're busy living it.

They've got somebody that sleeps on the left handside of their bed...

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