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16 September, 2010

What if tomorrow was the last day of your life? Part III

What indeed?

I have tried to think about what my answer would be, and there's several scenarios I can conjure up, although these seem to be dependent on what mood I'm in.

If we take it at face value and assume on a full day, say, you found out at 8am that you had 24 hours to live at best.

There's two ways I think it would go for me. I would go and visit the people dearest to me and I would go and do something I wouldn't normally do or that I have always afraid to do.

Starting with the latter there's two things that spring to mind, bunjee jumping and parachuting. Swimming with sharks sounds suitably dangerous but I don't think I'd be able to find a place within a day.

On the former, visiting people, a quick trip to Huddersfield to see Darren and to Bristol/Gloucester to see Alex. I would then borrow money to get airplane tickets to go to Lisbon to visit Magda & Ricardo followed by a quick journey to Povoa and VFX for dad and Telmo. I'm undecided on Alverca but I think in the end I would stop by for a quick wander around.

Finally I would borrow even more money and get plane tickets to New York, as my passion for the Big Apple has been re-ignited of late.

Nevertheless, I do believe that one of the first things I would do though, would be to go down south and say something to someone in person that I have ever only told by way of online or text message. Although I have not been certain of this in the last couple if weeks.

Maybe if I stopped in Alverca I would visit A and plant a great big kiss on her, married or not.

Another thing I'd still like to do is to track down Sonia, she has disappeared of my life and that had always disappointed me.

Who really knows until you are in that position?
You would just act out of impulse surely.

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Anonymous said...

fico contente por estar nos teus planos do ultimo dia...obrigado!