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It is a way of giving my other self, my unconscious and perhaps artistic self, a way of expressing itself, and thereby helping me working things out. It is somewhat cathartic in a positive way. :)

22 December, 2009

The world is upside down

People are strange, I'm sure that's the name of a song by The Doors. Old Jim Morrison knew what he was on about in the moments of lucidity he had amongst his drugs fueled life.

Indeed they are, people are strange. We do not do things that are logical or that make sense. We tend to make decisions based on emotions, which is not so bad if truth be told. Unfortunately, more often than not we are governed by negative emotions and negative experiences than positive ones.

We live ouf of fear, of the unwknown, of commitment, of change.

We let jealousy and anger and pride get in the way of our lives, often getting in the way of happiness.

We are conditioned by our past, in a way our past experiences has made us into who we are, but we tend to dwell on the past and that makes it difficult to live in the present let alone imagine a future.

Oh, we dream. And we hope. And we long.

But between what we want and desire and what we actually do and get can be a million miles of difference.

We break up with people we love out of pride. We quarrel over nothing. We don't get together with people we love or fancy or desire because we are scared or insecure or unsure.

Everyone has experienced these things in one form or another yet we do not change. True, it is difficult to get in a positive and open mindset, especially when all around you, you see other people commiting those same mistakes and going through the same dilemas.

It is our society that is wrong. It's the taboos and preconceptions and pre-judgments. We have come far as a species but there is a lot more growth to be go through.

Who I am to assume I know it all and know it better? Don't know, no one special, simply someone that observes the world with a different view. Someone who has looked deep inside and discovered that despite knowing all along that things are not quite right with the world and the majority of society we all have the power to change and effect change. It's that open mindset, that change in attitude, reinforcing positiveness.

I think. I guess.

The world is upside down. Some people are together that should never be together. People seek refuge in what they know if that is the wrong thing or the wrong person. People are alone that should not be alone.

Maybe we are in a Matrix, in a dreamworld, and the reality is out there somewhere else.

Or maybe we just need to be more open, more forgiving, more tolerant, more confident, more trustworthy.


Anonymous said...


But so what if people are strange?! São as diferenças, a descoberta das estranhezas de cada um que imprimem interesse e novidade às relações... o que dá cor à vida!



P said...

;) the irony here is that nornmally it is me telling you that it's alright for people to be strange!!
há ser-se estranho e ser-se esquisito e ligeiramente exótico, e depois há ser-se e agir-se completamente irracional. (ou pior ainda, inventando e meter pessoas umas contra as outras!) Long story...
But thanks anyway!!