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It is a way of giving my other self, my unconscious and perhaps artistic self, a way of expressing itself, and thereby helping me working things out. It is somewhat cathartic in a positive way. :)

02 October, 2010

And so it is...

And so it is...

That I sit here on my own
by choice, by want, by complete apathy

That I have chosen to be alone
I laughed and I distracted myself

But so it is
It has come to this
Somehow somewhen in my mind

How when why
Have I become so sombre
Unsocial, boring and apathetic

Yet, in the midst of all the stupidity and loneliness and incoherence unexplainable I still managed a tiny glimpse of inspiration, however meagre and lacking on quality:

"Together in the abyss of boredom
We shall know no fear nor fear no doom
Together in mind and spirit
We shall live forever in the wings of eternity"

That was me. It came out of thin air, in conversation with a friend.

Which just reinforces the dichotomy of what it is to be me, a true oddball.

Yes, I am so odd... But that, for me, is a compliment!

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Anonymous said...

pronto, vou-me resignar à minha insignificancia...és estranho! Mas tb nao acho que isso seja uma coisa má.´
Conheço um tipo que te ganha aos pontos a nivel de depressão e de estranheza, com laivos de obcessivo-compulsivo, mas é um tipo excelente. Escreve umas coisas fabulosas, a grande maioria deprimente. Mas se ele não fosse assim, não as escreveria, não da mesmas forma, não tão fabulosas.
Pronto, é certo que é estranho, mas em certos contextos, estranho é bom. A té da depressão e do aborrecimento podem sair coisas boas, só tens de fazer por isso!

P said...

this time that expression was what my friend replied to me in a text after I send her that bit of non-sense...
Is it really possible that you know someone just like me only more?! I have failed even at being depressed, and artistic with it...

Anonymous said...

...ao pé do outro tu és um amador! :)