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31 October, 2010

Holiday Journal III

Wednesday - Day 6

Geez, this feels like a Big Brother style narration, on day six, nothing happened...

Which is pretty close to the truth, only left the house to get some food from the shop.

The highlight was going to watch Back to the Future at the cinema, it was ace, I hadn't seen it in ages and certainly never on the big screen.

It's amazing the little things you notice now, the details that make the film awesome be it the music when Marty wakes up to or the car plate on the DeLorean.

At my friends prompting I wikipediaed it, Michael J. Fox was actually 24 when he made the film, which came out in the same year as Teen Wolf, and Doc Brown was about 50 and he is still alive.

Quality stuff!

Thursday - Day 7

Really boring day. Finally sorted out my washing and made headways into tidying my room.

And that was it pretty much.

Oh yeah, popped into work for a bit to get my schedule, which was exciting, closing four nights on my first four days back, and had a bit of a moan with someone, why is it that despite promising myself that I will never complain about anything something always comes up? It's just so frustrating when basic things don't get done or don't happen, which I consider basic that is, maybe they're really not since it seems so difficult for them to occur... "sigh" ...

In the evening I decided that I needed a bit more order in my life and to be a bit more pro-active so I devised a very simple daily/weekly plan to improve upon things. I also think I want to do some type of volunteering, see if I can fit it around work.

And that was it. That's what I done on my week off.

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