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25 October, 2010

Holiday Journal

Day 1 - Friday

Woke up late, went out to buy breakfast.

Afternoon reserved for laser eye appointment, and I am suitable! Very expensive though... :(

Followed by random walk in town. Bought a book that I had been waiting for more than year, third in the trilogy. Ended up buying a silly computer game as well. Oh and cookies, from Millies Cookies, hmmm!

Evening, dinner and then playing of said silly game, which kept me very distracted until about 1am.

Day 2 - Saturday

Chat with housemates, happens rarely, was nice.

Went for a drive and get my hair cut.

On the way back met friends at supermarket, ended up going for a quick drink at the pub.

Later in the evening, went out for friends birthday. It was good to talk to people outside work, as invariably turns out that my friends are synonymous with my co-workers. We actually had quite cool and deep conversations, it was fun. They ended up dragging me to a club that is not my type (I think they were trying to get me drunk so that'd enjoy it) but left after about an hour or so.

Not content with my day, I got home and wrote/typed a drunken post on my blog. Apparently you tell the truth when you're drunk, perhaps, but then a lot of people do horrible things when they're drunk... Not that I am like most people mind!

Day 3 - Sunday

Woke up late and feeling a little bit rough.

Got up got some food and popped in to work to get my schedule (as I had no idea what shifts I was working after my holiday) and to see the birds.

The real kind, the birds, of the avian type! We were running a marketing promotion which involved a chap from a nature centre bringing in owls. Which you could hold and stroke. Beautiful animals, there was a tiny one a burrowing owl that looked like a minute falcon from America, a barn owl and a tawny owl. Their feathers were so soft! The kids were loving them, there was so much interest, good stuff.

Went to meet friends in the afternoon and watch the football in the pub.

Evening went to see a movie at the cinema with housemates.

Culminating with my latest post idea to write about what I did on my holiday. Four more days to go.

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