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It is a way of giving my other self, my unconscious and perhaps artistic self, a way of expressing itself, and thereby helping me working things out. It is somewhat cathartic in a positive way. :)

12 September, 2009

The simple things

After it all, what it matters really are the simple things. I may talk about the larger picture a lot of times and use big words but in the end, as somebody once told me, words are like stones. It is actions and presences that count.
There's this song by a portuguese band, called Xutos, that goes "small things that are missing from your life make the big incomplete (...) measure the importance of the small details like a screw in a space rocket" I promise it sounds better in portuguese. 
And I am all for the little things and the little pleasures in life, I really am.
The smell of the air just after it rained.
A walk in a park.
A cuddle on a couch.
A talk with a friend.
A nice dessert.
The company of that someone special.
The way the sunlight falls on the grass on a Summer's day.
A rainbow.
Lighting at night.
Sunset on a beach.
Dusklight as you walk home, you know, when the sky is not dark nor bright, but the light at that time makes the cloudsd various shades of red and orange.
A complicit look.

I could go on, I generally do but I lack the inspiration today, I am determined to keep on writing though.

I am so easily pleased. I just wish I could find that person, that for once, would reciprocate my feelings. All I ask in return is loyalty and honesty, is that so much to ask?

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