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It is a way of giving my other self, my unconscious and perhaps artistic self, a way of expressing itself, and thereby helping me working things out. It is somewhat cathartic in a positive way. :)

29 October, 2009

It's back

The blog is back, and I'm back writing it.

I was forced to do things, but I have done them willingfully, regardless of me liking it or not.

I suppose one should never forget that the internet really is a public domain... It kinda reminds me of a post Librarygirl wrote about fame and having other bloggers (famous ones, like Kim) visiting her blog. Of course, in my case things are never that easy or nice, it always has to be complicated...

So I have just finished a process of auto censoring my blog. I hope it is enough. I really do.

I wouldn't want to change the address again and re-start it all over again. Especially now that I have a few people following it. Of course, I started it for very personal reasons, and I still write it for myself, but it is nice, I'll admit, to have other people writing my stuff and their comments are really helpful. I feel a strange connection for other bloggers that have felt the same desire/need/compulsion to write a blog. It's like a bond of a sort.

Thank you all for following me. Thank you very much for reading. And a great big thank you for all your comments, they have been immensely appreciated.

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